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SBAA members will find information on many aspects of the brewing industry from other organisations and enthusiasts. The following list highlights some of our favourites.

Societies and Heritage Organisations:

Association for British Brewery Collectables

Brewery History Society

Brewing Heritage Scotland

British Beermat Collectors Society

British Brewery Playing Card Society

Inn Sign Society

Labologists Society

Pub History Society

Scottish Brewing Heritage

Brewing and Beer Bodies:

Campaign for Real Ale

Cask Marque

Craft Brewing Association

Institute of Brewing and Distilling


Society of Independent Brewers

Individual Collectors and Enthusiasts:


Brewery Trays

The Lager Lovelies Archive


Scottish Breweries

Publishers and Booksellers:

Beer-Inn Print

Lomax Press

Libraries and Archives:

University of Glasgow Archive Services

Label for Lorimer & Clark's Mild Ale