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Promoting the History of Scottish Brewing


The Scottish Brewing Archive Association (SBAA) is an independent body run by industry experts and brewing enthusiasts.

Although our aims are serious we try to approach them in as friendly and welcoming a manner as possible, and run many informal and social events.

The aims and objectives of the SBAA are to:

Promote the history of brewing in Scotland

Raise awareness of the importance of preserving brewing records and artefacts for posterity

Assist Glasgow University Archive Services to answer brewing related queries

In order to achieve these aims and objectives the SBAA:

Publishes regular newsletters and journals

Arranges brewery visits

Holds regular meetings and open days

Organises walks to view surviving brewery buildings, artefacts and pubs

If you would like to join us (and we hope you do!) please click on Join for membership information.

A playing card promoting James Aitken of Falkirk

Beermat answer: a chopin is equivalent to about 1.5 imperial pints. This was one of Scotland's standard measures which were in place from 1661 and replaced by imperial measurements by an 1824 Act of Parliament.